Top Things To Know When Hiring A Skip Bin

Our checklist will be helpful to you regardless of whether this is your first time hiring a skip or whether you have rented skips in the past. It will guide you through the considerations for selecting the appropriate skip and ensuring that you are prepared.

When renting a skip, it is important to keep these seven things in mind.

Things that cannot be thrown away in a skip

One of the essential aspects to think about is the kind of trash you are going to put in a skip as well as whether that waste satisfies the requirements of the business that rents out skips. The following is a rundown of the prohibited items that cannot be placed in any of the skips that we rent out.

How long you will have access to the skip.

The standard length of time for the hire of one of our skips is 7 days; therefore, it is essential to consider whether or not this will be sufficient. Please let us know if you are interested in extending your rental period for a fee, as this service is available. You may also get in contact with us if you’d like your skip to be collected earlier than the scheduled time.

Gain an understanding of the capacity of each waste container.

We provide skips in a variety of sizes, ranging from 3 tonne skips all the upwards from to 16 yard skips. There is a skip available in a size that is appropriate for any task, whether you are cleaning out a small portion of your home or tackling a significant landscaping endeavour in your backyard.

We have details on what each of our skips can hold, including dimensions, the number of trash bags it can accommodate, and the kinds of projects that are appropriate for using each of them.

Determine the size of the skip that you will require.

Following your review of the capacities of each of our skips, you will be able to select the skip size that is best suited to the task at hand. Get in direct contact with us if you are still unsure about something and need further guidance on the matter.

Think about where the trash can will be placed.

Most driveways are large enough to accommodate one of our smaller skips. You will need to determine the size of the skip if you plan to put it somewhere else or if you intend to rent a larger skip than the one you currently have.

It must also be simple to access, both for you to dispose of your waste and also for our trucks to pick up and drop off the trash that you have paid us to haul away.

It is imperative that skips not impede members of the public or the street in any way.

See if you needs a licence in the local area

If you want to place the skip containerĀ on the road, you will need to obtain a permit from the municipal government in your area. If you would like us to arrange a permit for a roadside dropoff, please let us know.

A skip may be placed in front of your home if it does not create an obstruction and complies with all applicable traffic regulations.

Leave instructions on where the skip should be deposited.

You are not required to wait in for the delivery of your skip as long as you’ve paid for it in advance and given us specific instructions regarding where and how to leave it.

Any further questions?

You can obtain additional information by reading the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section of our website, getting in touch with us, or renting a skip through our user-friendly website.