What is a Stills Producer / Production Company?

Runnig a stills production company in Cape Town we often get asked what kind of work we do? A stills producer plans and executes photo shoots on behalf of brands and companies. The process is similar to that of a film studio, albeit on a slightly smaller scale. That said some client shoots can easily have over 200 , models, crew and producers on-set during a production.

Without the right kind of preperation costs can go south pretty quickly which is why so many companies in Europe, US and the UK use local production talent to ensure their client shoots run smoothly.

A Stills producer is responsible for arranging the shoot’s location, as well as the flights, lodging, transportation, vehicles, set props, casting and models, permissions and the handling the cash on a day-to-day basis.

If necessary, a stills producer also would draught up a detailed Call Sheet outlining the schedule for the shoot so that the models and crew are aware of what needs to be done and when. We normally give specific instructions on how to get from your home or hotel to your destination and back again.

  • Essential Abilities; Planning and Spending
  • Talent scouting and administration
  • Administrative tasks involving crew scheduling
  • Numerous contacts in the relevant field
  • Exploring Potential Shoot Locations Sites
  • Administration of Permits and Physical Space
  • Scheduling, timetables, and production call sheets
  • Effective communication between the client, agents, production managers, photographers / stills director, crew, and talent
  • Scheduling and lodging accommodations
  • Managing databases and digital assets as needed

Stills Production is a company whose business is entirely dependent on the efforts of its producers and production staff. There would be no product shoots and no stills industry without the tireless efforts of these remarkable people. Their job is to provide a safe space where talented people can collaborate on projects and develop their skills.

Stills production is a complicated industry that requires the mobilisation, operation, and dismantling of a sizable organisation for the single purpose of executing a single photo shoot.In order to ensure that the shoot is produced to the best of everyone’s abilities, those working as Producers and even, throughout the production department need to be highly motivated, multi-tasking individuals with the creative vision, business acumen, and single-minded determination to make it happen.