Author: GreenWire

Declutter Your Home in A Few Simple Steps

Do you know that tidying up and getting rid of clutter isn’t just a task for the springtime? Any time of year is suitable for having a garage sale. You might want to give your house the impression that it was built yesterday, maybe you’re in the process of moving or renovating, or maybe you’ve […]

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What is a Stills Producer / Production Company?

Runnig a stills production company in Cape Town we often get asked what kind of work we do? A stills producer plans and executes photo shoots on behalf of brands and companies. The process is similar to that of a film studio, albeit on a slightly smaller scale. That said some client shoots can easily have […]

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What Superfoods You Should Begin Eating Today

You are sick and tired of having to feel less than great on a daily basis, and you are prepared to make some significant adjustments to the way that you are supplying your body with nourishment. You can find an abundance of nutrient-dense health foods that strengthen your immune system and can even assist you […]

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